Albion Online offers a closer look at the upcoming loadouts feature


Managing your equipment is a vital yet sometimes obnoxious chore, especially when you want to switch gears from combat to crafting as an example. Albion Online’s loadouts feature, which is due to arrive with the Call to Arms update on March 17th, looks to not only ease this pain point but introduce a number of interesting features, which were detailed in a recent dev blog.

At the base level, loadouts will let players switch between different sets of equipment, spells, and additional inventory items at banks, chests, and battlevaults, with loadouts either being made from scratch or by simply saving currently equipped gear as its own loadout. Each character has 30 loadout slots.

There are a couple of additional functions available in the game’s loadout system, such as the ability to set flexibility rules for equipping a loadout to be either exactly as built or with equal and better or equal and lower gear; a UI that displays a list of all tradeable items that can be filtered and searched just like in the Marketplace to help players put together their perfect loadout; and a preview of the stats and estimated market cost of a loadout. Loadouts in Albion Online can also be shared via chat or in-game mail.

Finally, guilds will have their own set of loadouts as well, allowing members of a guild with the right permissions to craft 100 different loadouts, which behave like a library of preferred sets for certain activities. More details can be learned either on the game’s website or the embedded video below.

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