Destiny 2 outlines the return of Grandmaster Nightfalls and upcoming Stasis PvP adjustments


The next couple of weeks in Destiny 2 are going to be interesting, depending on players’ point of view or preferred activity. The latest newsletter from Bungie offers a look at some updates coming to the looter shooter in the form of returning Grandmaster Nightfalls and tweaks to Stasis in the endless, thankless, and ultimately pointless effort to assuage PvP complaints.

On the PvE side, Grandmaster difficulty will be coming back to Nightfalls on March 16th. One Grandmaster Nightfall will be made available each week until April 20th, at which point every Grandmaster Nightfall will be available to play in a direct launch playlist. The minimum Power level required to enter these encounters is 1325. As for why players would want to go through such a gauntlet, there’s the promise of Adept weapons, which are normally only found in PvP, along with a gilded title.

Speaking of PvP, Tuesday, March 23rd, will introduce another round of Stasis adjustments meant to further ease pain points with the damage type in PvP while still maintaining PvE power. The post offers a look at these adjustments, which will touch on a variety of general Stasis tweaks as well as targeted class-specific changes.

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