Elementia is an upcoming classless MMORPG planning a F2P alpha


Polygonal-style MMORPG Elementia popped up on our radar out of nowhere last month, and while it’s clearly very early days for the game’s development, it’s pretty enough that it’s worth bringing to your attention.

According to the official website, the MMO promises a classless, weapon-based progression system that is fluid as you level up, with plenty of group dungeons, bosses, and raids; a player-driven economic loop with fairly typical fantasy RPG crafting and gathering skills; secret content spready across the world maps; and a special emphasis on guild-centric content.

Most recently, the team has been talking up seasonal weather added to the alpha. The official YouTube has only one development video so far, but there’s a ton of screenshots on offer. The official Discord also had a list of developers – eight of them located in the UK, USA, Australia, Belgium, and Spain.

As always, we discourage our readers from getting emotionally or financially invested in indies that appear to be a long way from completion, and in this particular case we note that the official website doesn’t have any sort of terms of service or privacy statement or corporate information, so you might not want to hand over your info until it does. But at least you can rest assured that this team isn’t asking for money so far and is planning an eventual free-to-play alpha, though there’s no fully playable build yet.

“We will be doing some more closed testing soon,” the creative director told players on Discord earlier this week. “Free testing.”


Source: Official site, Facebook. Cheers, Leiloni!
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