World of Warcraft patch 9.1’s test server updates with lore-important early cutscenes that have been datamined

Spoilers, yo

Oh look,

Fairly warned be ye, readers: Spoilers lie ahead for the patch 9.1 storyline in World of Warcraft.

Curious about what Helya is up to at this point in the Shadowlands story? Wondering about what led to the Jailer being imprisoned in the Maw in the first place? Want to see people yelling at a robotic Anduin as he does a Bad Thing for a couple seconds? There are a bunch of lore-important cutscenes in the most recent build of patch 91., and Wowhead has conveniently mined them out for your early watching. While the cutscenes in question are very obviously not finished, they do convey the major story beats at play.

For those of you who are less worried about the individual story beats and more concerned with the process of catching up to you, the most recent build has a little something for you as well. There’s a new quest available for alts allowing you to skip some of the new covenant campaign steps, jumping forward to exploring Korthia in the Maw.

Source: Wowhead (1, 2, 3, 4)

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kluaf oz

I honestly am not a fan of public test servers. There was never one used for ffxi or ffxiv! When theres pts used it just ruins the whole surprise when the patch goes live. And let’s be honest isn’t that what part of your sub fee is for is for the company to test the shit before they release the patches?


When the company doesn’t depend on the community to test stuff we get expansions like BFA