The Elder Scrolls Online brings back a free trial of its ESO Plus subscription this week


Did the reveals from E3 pique your interest in The Elder Scrolls Online? Did you happen to miss out on the last time the game offered this kind of promotion? In either case, ESO is once more offering a free trial of its ESO Plus subscription.

Just like last time, this trial will not require any credit card details while still offering nearly every benefit of the subscription, including a bottomless crafting materials bag, a 10% boost to XP, gold, Crafting Inspiration, and Trait Research, the ability to dye costumes, and a nearly full suite of the game’s DLC including the recently released Flames of Ambition. In addition, Greymoor and Antiquities are available in the in-game store and included in the full ESO Plus membership. And, yes, both of those are included in the ESO Plus trial.

This taste of subscription life is available for only a week, between now and Monday, June 21st, so interested players might want to read through the instructions if they want a sample.


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I didn’t realize Greymoor was in Plus already, I thought it was late. Time to install and run through that content for the rest of the month.