Final Fantasy XIV plans its next Producer’s Letter for July 9

Fingerblasting, I guess.

It hasn’t been that long since the Final Fantasy XIV digital fan festival, has it? Long enough that it’s time to get producer and director Naoki Yoshida back behind the camera for another session of talking about the game, at least. Or almost long enough, as the next live letter from the producer has been scheduled for July 9th, meaning that there’s just a little less than a month’s time before we get new tidbits of information and likely more details about the smaller patches before the expansion launch.

Of course, as this is one of the “smaller” letters, the actual voiced dialogue will only be available in Japanese, with the slides of information having English translations for worldwide viewers. So if you’d rather wait around for fan translations to trickle out, that’s entirely understandable. If you want to watch the whole thing despite not understanding it (or you speak Japanese and thus will understand it perfectly), the broadcast will start up at 10:30 a.m. EDT.


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Vincent Clark

I assume they “have” to do a live letter since it’s normally part of their 14 hour broadcast, but I think I’ll skip it. Unless, of course, there is explicitly new information being provided about Endwalker…but at the moment, it’s billed as a “review” of what we already know.

Ruby Lancer

You know, I hadn’t actually looked at what time it was at until I read this article. Then I went to double check because I’m like “That’s an unusually friendly NA time for a Live Letter lately…” and that’s when I saw what time it was at and all.

Its during the 14 Hour Broadcast, and the Live Letter part of it itself is at 10:30 -PM- Eastern. So yeah, it makes more sense as to why Yoko Taro is there and the timing and everything now.