RuneScape updates familiar behaviors in latest patch, OSRS announces testing for new game client features


We’re off to another week of news bits from RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. That’s it. That’s the lede. I’ve got nothing more to add this time around.

Starting with RuneScape, the weekly patch has applied a Ninja Strike on several familiars’ behavior, including a combat mode summoning setting with several options, familiar duration standardized to every 16 minutes, and some familiar-centric UI and quality-of-life updates.

Meanwhile, the remainder of this week’s newsletter reminds players of RuneScape Mobile’s impending launch, briefly discusses improved cubemaps on avatars to make their shiny clothing bits more shiny, and the promise of the “epic conclusion” to the Battle of the Monolith, which once more has another lore-centric battle report.

As for OSRS, the devs at Jagex have made a few tweaks and responded to player feedback related to proposed ranged meta updates, and is also going to see a number of updates to its game client, which will be tested initially on Steam and eventually on mobile. Features include an enemy HP bar HUD, fishing spot indicators, and ground tile markers among other things.

sources: RuneScape website (1, 2), Old School RuneScape website (1, 2)

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Vanquesse V

Important to note that most “serious” OSRS players use the RuneLite 3rd party client and these new changes are being done in a collaboration with people working on that client.
While this probably won’t make RuneLite any less popular this is great news, since those QoL changes will show up both in the official client, and more importantly on the mobile version where it’s the only option.