Halo Infinite’s head of creative explains why gameplay previews weren’t available at Gamescom


If you were following along on our Gamescom Opening Night coverage and are a fan or follower of the shooter Halo Infinite, you probably note that the game only had that cinematic introduction to its campaign but no actual gameplay. That’s because the devs at 343 Industries are heads-down working to make the game’s December 8th launch the best it can be according to a developer blog from head of creative Joseph Staten.

“We’re at a critical phase in the flight that is Halo Infinite, so it’s extremely important to avoid distractions and stay focused on mission-critical tasks only. For Campaign, that means putting maximum effort into ensuring the wide-open, adventure-filled experience you’ll all get to play on December 8th is a great as it can possibly be. And gameplay demos and trailers not only take a huge amount of effort to do well, they also take cycles away from bugs and other shutdown tasks.”

The post closes with assurance that the game’s campaign is playing extremely well, as staten himself is trying for a 100% completion playthrough, finding all of the collectibles and completing all of the primary and secondary tasks. The August 2021 insider digest further has information for fans to chew on, including stats from the game’s technical test, internal interviews with the devs, and more for those who are curious.

source: Halo website via Polygon
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