New World composers Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell discuss scoring the MMORPG


Somebody go find our resident Battle Bard and Jukebox Hero, Justin: Amazon’s just dropped a bunch of music-related goodies ahead of next week’s New World launch.

“After players ventured through the land of Aeternum in our Alpha and Beta tests, we received an overwhelming positive response to the immersive sound effects and beautiful music those players experienced on their journeys,” the studio says. “Every sound in New World has a story – from the sharp crack of musket-fire ringing out across the battlefield, to the forestine echoes as players fell trees, to the music that heightens epic moments or soothes the player on a long journey across the fields, forests, and mountains of Aeternum.”

The company’s dropped a new interview with its composers, Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell (both of Game of Thrones and Westworld fame), to discuss how the music and sound interfaces with the game itself.

“The thing we thought was very exciting about this game was that it was a blank slate – we really had to start from scratch,” Djawadi says. “That’s also a challenge, obviously, at the same time. But that’s what’s exciting about it.”

The interview is below, and the music itself is over on Amazon.

Source: Press release, Twitter

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Tee Parsley

Nice one! Actually slants me more toward getting New World. I noticed the good sound effects and music during the open beta.

Every time Djawadi’s soundtrack work comes up, it always reminds me of this Fender Custom Shop video, which is sorta, kinda tangentially related:


The game might have a lot of faults but the audio design is not one of them. The audio design in this game is absolutely unmatched by other games in the genre (perhaps even all of gaming).

You know it stands out when you actually NOTICE it. Few if not no other games make you notice the audio design, as it always feels like late design afterthought with no realism.

This video really just shows AGS has put a lot of money in this game. Too bad they wasted years of dev time trying to figure out the gameplay design though.

Matthew Yetter

Just like Danny Elfman, they have a very distinctive style. You can recognize their music within the first few stanzas. I really like everything I’ve heard from them so far.