Final Fantasy XIV is why Final Fantasy XI didn’t get a PlayStation 3 port

Like a boss.

If you’re wondering why you never got a version of Final Fantasy XI to play on the PlayStation 3 (back in the years when the PS3 was a relevant console), it turns out that ties back to Final Fantasy XIV. A new interview on the former game’s anniversary site We Are Vana’diel features an interview with producer Akihiko Matsui of FFXI and Yutaka Kawamata of Nobunaga’s Ambition Online; the latter has upgraded to newer consoles, while Matsui explains that FFXI wasn’t considered due to technical limitations:

For FFXI, it was already decided it would be succeeded by [FFXIV], so a PS3 version of FFXI was not considered. Even if we’d decided to make a port of the game, overhauling the graphics and other aspects would result in a development cost similar to creating a completely new title. Either way, we would’ve preferred to make a proper PS3 version rather than a half-hearted effort, but at the time, that position was given to FFXIV. So instead of trying to keep up with the latest trends and modern advancements, we passed on that role to FFXIV and adopted our current focus of staying in service as long as we can for players who are still enjoying FFXI.

The full interview contains plenty of interesting tidbits about the development history for these two MMOs that premiered on the venerable PlayStation 2, so it’s worth checking out the whole thing. It’s also worth considering that if you’re looking for a new place to have your Zoom meetings, that could also include Vana’diel with new free backgrounds offered by the game’s team for players to use in video conferences. If you want to come to people live from Zi’tah, it’s a good option.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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Jack Pipsam

The PS3 is well known for being a nightmare for developers so I’m not shocked, the 360 on paper was weaker but multi-platform games for a while tended to still run/look better on it due to the ease of development and not having the RAM split.

What I don’t get really is why the 360 version of the game had to shutdown, it could still get updates easily enough and they could have got it running on the Xbox One (and beyond) through the backwards compatibility program, it’s not like they really did a major upgrade to the game since and it was a shared server.

Andrew Clear

I believe they wouldn’t port it because FFXIV was being worked on. But, as for overhauling graphics, etc, I don’t buy that excuse for one minute, since the game was on the Xbox 360, and PC, they already had the graphics assets they would need for the PS3. But, a PS3 port would’ve taken more effort than the 360 port, due to the nature of the cell architecture, so I do believe that the cost for adapting the engine to that hardware (as well as the utter failure for SE to get Last Remnant on the PS3, like it was intended to be) played a significant factor in their decision.

Loyal Patron
Christopher Angeles

I 100% agree about the graphics. There’s already HD packs for FFXI on the PC that really does wonders for the graphics, if even just HD packs of all the zones.

They didnt want to put any $$$ in FFXI when FFXIV was their new project. Little did they know FFXI was far, far from dying.