Final Fantasy XIV posts a single-sized music video for the Endwalker theme song

Tales of loss, and fire, and faith.

If not for the two-week delay, players would be getting ready to start exploring¬†Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker in just a couple of days. As it stands, it’ll be a little bit longer. But that doesn’t mean the developers aren’t going to do their best to keep you excited and ready for the expansion, and some of that means listening to the absolute banger of a theme song in single format with a new music video.

Of course, the single format is slightly shorter than the full trailer song and doesn’t include the leitmotifs from previous expansion themes, but you can read about the lyrics within those leitmotifs as well as the rest of the song from the most recent official lyric posting, taking the final step along the game’s lyrical journey. So now when you sing along to the trailer (we know you’re doing it), you can do so with the actual words!

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