World of Warcraft releases a new Sylvanas cinematic ahead of patch 9.2

Excuse me, what?

Well, here we are with the first cinematic of World of Warcraft’s patch 9.2, and… uh… well, let’s start by saying that it’s about Sylvanas. And yes, it’s about the re-merging of her soul fragments from the end of patch 9.1, which we’re told is how Frostmourne works now despite never having been told about that at any prior point in the story. You know, the thing a lot of people immediately derided as giving Sylvanas back her “good half” so that she could be redeemed for what she had done.

Now… we don’t want to just spoil all of the cinematic for the people who haven’t yet watched it, even though it’s right there for anyone to watch rather than being tied directly to anything happening in-game. Instead, we’re going to use our fancy spoiler tags to obfuscate that. If you don’t want to watch the cinematic itself, leave now and remain blissfully unspoiled.

Her hair looks oddly chunky in these scenes. That’s not a spoiler, that’s just an odd art decision.

Reveal spoiler
Yes, it’s exactly “her good half is back now.” You know, the thing Blizzard’s narrative department insisted wasn’t the case. Complete with her insisting that the genocidal maniac was someone else wearing her face and Uther having to implicitly offer her the possibility of atonement for her actions along the way.

Source: YouTube
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