Battle Bards Episode 210: Warframe


We heard your many requests, and we delivered! The Battle Bards crew is back to explore the final frontier of music in the Warframe soundtrack. From funky ninja fighting tracks to stirring interstellar ballads, Warframe ended up being a fun journey through space, time, and composition.

Battle Bards is the world’s first, best, and only MMO music podcast. Biweekly episodes alternate between examining a single MMO’s soundtrack and exploring music tracks revolving around a theme. MOP’s Justin co-hosts with bloggers Steff and Syl. The cast is available on iTunesGoogle PlayTuneInPocket CastsStitcher, and Player.FM.

Listen to Episode 210: Warframe (or download it) now:

Episode 210 show notes

  • Intro (feat. “Fortuna Login,” “March of the Moa,” and “Venus Combat”)
  • “This is What You Are”
  • “Cetus” 
  • “KDrive Race Music A”
  • “Gene Molds C” 
  • “Smiles from Juran”
  • “We All Lift Together”
  • “Sleeping in the Cold Below”
  • Which one did we like best?
  • Jukebox Picks: “Main Theme” from The Sims 4: Cottage Living, “On Blade’s Edge” from FFXIV, and “Easthaven in Peace” from Icewind Dale
  • Outro (feat. “Synapse”)
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