The Elder Scrolls Online’s April Fools’ Day celebration has officially gone live


Sure, maybe players are more interested in the new DLC and related game update of Elder Scrolls Online, but perhaps it’s time for players to take a break and enjoy a bit of silliness with the launch of the Jester’s Festival today. Or perhaps players can enjoy both pieces of content. We’re not going to stop them.

As reported earlier, the returning event tasks players with clearing out daily quests, hoovering up reward chests, and cracking them open for a chance at returning and new rewards. Completing quests will also earn event tickets that can be spent on Soulfire Dragon illusion pet fragments and Scales of Akatosh skin fragments, while completing the introductory quest will also award an item that grants a two hour-long XP buff that’s good for the duration of the event.

The event’s duration, incidentally, is between now and Thursday, April 7th, meaning players have a whole week of foolishness to look forward to.

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