SWG Legends just announced farming, ranching, new houses, and the return of smuggler spice crafting


Maybe dropping a huge teaser for major new content is not the best thing to drop on Easter Sunday, but that’s exactly what fan-run Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends did, and the video is basically a laundry list of things that I personally have always wished for in the game. To wit:

  • Ranching and farming: The video doesn’t give details, but the footage shows large walled yards with lots of critters as well as farming plots that grow plants stage by stage. Apparently, there will be over 40 plants at launch as well as a seed-germination system.
  • Smuggler content: This appears to be multifold, with terminal-hacking to generate new smuggler missions that are presumably different from the existing smuggler system. Maybe more excitingly, we’re getting the return of spice crafting, which looks integrated into the farming and ranching system.
  • Critter taming: While this version of the game already has an extensive creature bioengineering system that is frankly far more intense than the original vanilla version, but it doesn’t actually allow players to tame existing critters. That’s inbound now.
  • New houses: Obviously, new houses are en route to actually serve as the backdrop for farming and ranching; they look like small homes bounded by large outdoor courtyards. I spy at least three styles – Naboo, Corellia, and Tatooine. Y’all know how much I love having fairy lights all over everything, so I’m pleased to report that least one of these houses has a terrace with cute patio lights all over it. Thanks, team!
  • Resource tracking: Don’t get too excited; this system appears to center on the ranching and farming resources, not the existing resource system, but yes, there’s going to be a way to track the plants and animals you’re raising and the resources they spawn. There’s a slide for what looks like food and water basins for critters in there too.

We don’t know when this stuff is coming exactly, but if you were waiting to see what this volunteer group would do after Bespin, well, this is it!

Source: YouTube
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