Final Fantasy XIV adds in the newest Ultimate fight and adjusts PvP balance with patch 6.11


The bad news of today’s Final Fantasy XIV patch is that you will still have to wait a bit longer for new Hildibrand quests or custom deliveries. (This is not a surprise; those were always announced to be in patch 6.15, so there was no reason to expect them with today’s patch.) The good news is that you do have a new Ultimate trial at long last, with players tasked to take on the biggest challenges of the Dragonsong War in one of the most difficult bits of content available. Expect dragons! And expect to beat up an old elf pope. It’s kind of a whole thing.

If you’re not in any rush to push yourself to the heights of performance, you can instead take stock of the multitude of PvP balance changes – and yes, just in case you were worried, that includes some downtuning for jobs like Warrior, White Mage, Samurai,  and Red Mage, alongside buffs for jobs like Gunbreaker, Scholar, Reaper, and Dark Knight. Check out the full rundown of changes in the patch notes and get ready to adjust to the changes in your next set of Crystal Conflict matches.

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