Final Fantasy XI prepares a variety of appreciation campaigns for players starting on Wednesday

Ram moo

The 20-year birthday for Final Fantasy XI is coming up really soon, with May 16th marking the date. And as is expected for any sort of game anniversary, players are getting a lot of presents for the event itself. We haven’t yet been told all of the details on what the anniversary event itself will include, but the adventurer appreciation campaign kicking off on May 11th will definitely start leading into the festivities in a good way with increased experience and capacity gains, bonuses in Abyssea and when taking on Reives, and even big buffs to your Trust companions.

Those campaigns will end on May 16th… to be replaced immediately by even more appreciation events, including all of the prior buffs along with a variety of new buffs such as additional spoils for high-end battlefields, more Unity accolades, and more rewards in Dynamis – Divergence. Check out the full rundown on the official site. It’s a good sign of just how much the developers appreciate players who have stuck with the game over its two decades of operation, and it should make it clear that this year’s anniversary party is going to be an absolute rager.

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