War Thunder prepares to give players a ride into the Danger Zone with the eponymous update

Loggins dot emm pee three

Cynical Brain: “Oh, look, here comes another War Thunder update. And they’re calling it the Danger Zone update and they’re adding the F-14 Tomcat to the game. Well, that makes sense with that Top Gun movie coming out, but… that’s the extent of the crossover. There’s no actual collaboration here. They’re just piggybacking on someone else’s marketing and using that to get a pop.”

Child of the 80s Brain:Headin’ into twilight, spreadin’ out her wings tonight… she’s got you jumpin’ off the deck, shovin’ into overdrive’…

Cynical Brain: “The game wouldn’t even spend money on licensing the iconic song they’re referencing in the trailer! Look, this is absolutely insubstantial. Yes, it’s an update for the game, but that’s really all it is, and it’s not even a particularly impactful one. You’d never remember it at all if not for the cultural reference created by two words in sequence. Do you know anything about the two new vehicle tech trees? No. Not a thing. You only know the name of the update and the vehicles being added.”

Child of the 80s Brain:The further on the edge, the hotter the intensity!

Cynical Brain: “Will you stop doing that?! This is exploiting our nostalgia!”

Child of the 80s Brain:Highway toooo! The Danger Zone! Ride into – the Danger Zone!

Cynical Brain: “You don’t even play this game!”

Source: Press Release
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