Lost Ark’s summer roadmap includes one new advanced class every two months

Why do we even have that lever?

It’s weird to consider that Lost Ark only launched less than four months ago, which feels like a lifetime somehow. Yet the team at Amazon is still racing to catch the western version of the MMOARPG up with its Korean counterpart.

This focus is at the core of a new dev blog outlining the summer roadmap for the game. One thing that players can look forward to starting this season is a new advanced class rolling out every two months for the remainder of 2022 as a way to keep interest in the MMO high. The first of these coming in July is the Arcanist.

Having a steady flow of content releases that include advanced classes during Lost Ark’s first year in the West will help support the long-term health of the game,” Amazon said. “While the specific advanced class schedule is not set in stone, we can say we’re planning to release the first 21 advanced classes before other new, or future, classes.”

Other plans in the works include level-boosting events, several raids, a single-player 50-level dungeon called Thronespire, and challenge abyssal dungeons.

Source: Lost Ark
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