The MOP Up: Star Stable gets into the toymaking business


If you’re part of the roundup of Star Stable faithful, you may be interested to hear that the Swedish studio just signed a deal with Toyco to produce a line of collectible figures from the MMORPG.

The game studio said that it will gather feedback from the community to help create “a collectable range of dolls and horses based on some of the most beloved and iconic Star Stable characters from the game.”

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

Paladins announced another franchise crossover, this one with RWBY: “Six characters from the acclaimed animated series RWBY are joining the fantasy realm of Paladins as champion skins. This partnership acknowledges what is now a long-lasting friendship between Hi-Rez and Rooster Teeth.”

Valorant posted a dev blog to share how it’s trying to improve map randomness and diversity.

Are your ships getting lost in Starbase’s capital ship hanger halls? There’s a hotfix for that.

Moonlight Sculptor put up a roadmap for the next half-year or so that includes new dungeons, zones, stories, and a buddy reroll system.

Realm of the Mad God’s June 7th update includes speeding up realm spawning, expanding the UT trading list, and adding a new generation of ST sets.

A new mini-set arrived in Hearthstone: “We’ve dredged the depths of the ocean on our Voyage to the Sunken City and come up with a Mini-Set of 35 all-new cards to add to your collection.”

The MMO industry pumps out more and more news every year – no site could possibly cover everything. That’s why we gather together all the extras every week in The MOP Up, our a weekly compilation of MMO info we don’t want lost in the cracks of time. Send us your news bits through our tips line!
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