EVE Online kicks off a new Proving Grounds event that’s all about close combat

Bad decisions? We love those!

While EVE Online definitely features a lot of ship-to-ship combat, it is generally not combat that involves close-range options. Indeed, this new Proving Grounds event will still not feature the closest possible combat options like ships ramming one another, deploying grappling hooks, or your character climbing out of the control pod to smack the other ship with a really long stick. But with turret range decreased by 50% and range falloff increased by 50%, you’re going to need to get much closer for your weaponry to make an impact.

The 40km wide tachyon cloud in the middle that makes your ship faster and more nimble will have an impact as well, further encouraging dodging, quick passes, and close-quarter combat. If this sounds like the sort of twist on usual mechanics that has your interest, you can get in on the event from June 24th through June 26th. And hey, maybe see if you can do the “get out and smack your enemy with a long stick” thing. Worth a shot, right? (It is not.)

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