Guild Wars 2 previews Mesmer weapon and Warrior banner changes coming August 2


Guild Wars 2 is continuing its efforts to correct some wildly unpopular balance changes made back in June, this time with another patch scheduled to release on Tuesday, August 2nd, though players can look at some patch notes now.

This next balance pass will specifically address Mesmer weapons and Warrior banners: Greatsword, sword, and the Chronomancer’s Improved Alacrity trait will see increased PvE damage, while banners are getting shorter cooldowns, unique effects per banner (except for Battle Standard), bigger initial pulses, and longer buff duration per pulse but shorter pulse duration overall.

On the subject of banners, ArenaNet admits that it “badly missed the mark with banner changes” and hopes to improve utility and ease of use.

Additional adjustments to other specs will be arriving on Tuesday, August 23rd, with more details on that balancing act to come beforehand, but in the meantime there are some more impending changes to mull over.

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