Old School RuneScape preps a beta for its Wilderness boss rework while RuneScape pretties up starter zones


Old School RuneScape has discussed changing the bosses and lairs of the Wilderness zone before, but later this week on Wednesday, September 14th, players will be able to kick the tires of these adjustments and provide direct feedback by jumping in to a beta world.

This upcoming beta test will focus on the rewards granted by bosses in the zone, while the devs have updated the dev blog related to the reworks to address various player feedback related to Wilderness items and system tweaks.

Meanwhile in RuneScape, last week saw some visual updates to several starter areas while this week brings a new cosmetic look for the Dragon Scimitar. Patches applied over the past two weeks further saw changes to the Wilderness zone’s ruleset, the Dragonkin Laboratory and the Daughter of Chaos fight, and numerous general gameplay features.

sources: Twitter, OSRS website, RuneScape website (1, 2)
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