Destiny 2 brings back its Dawning seasonal event, details January 3 Iron Banner, and talks about secret content


The Christmas season has come once more to Destiny 2 as the Dawning is back for another year between now and January 3rd. This year’s event is once again asking players to help Eva make some Christmas cookies (so long as they don’t think about the ingredients list), while there are new cosmetics to earn (or buy), a new legendary pulse rifle, a new snowball fight activity involving Stasis-infused snowballs, and a new Event Card full of objectives to complete and goodies to unlock.

A number of these holiday rewards were showcased in the game’s weekly newsletter, along with a reminder to complete the Moments of Triumph, a nod to the goodies available when players help out the Game2Give charity drive being held by Bungie, and a rundown of Iron Banner, which is bringing new rewards and a new zone-capturing Fortress mode when it lands on January 3rd. The post also clears the air about player assumptions regarding secret content, confirming that hidden goodies will be in the game for the foreseeable future.

Finally, members of the game’s narrative team have offered another lore-based deep-dive, this time talking about the lovers’ reunion between Osiris and Saint-14 and how a simple teacup was used to dramatic effect.

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