Elder Scrolls Online highlights some of the quality-of-life and accessibility features coming with Update 37


As usual, the next update to Elder Scrolls Online isn’t only about the Necrom expansion and all of its gubbins; it’s also about Update 37, aka the portion of the update that applies to every player of the MMORPG. Some of those Update 37 features have been been previewed in a dev blog, which highlights the variety of quality-of-life updates and accessibility options it will bring.

In terms of accessibility, ESO will now introduce screen narration functionality for the vast majority of the game’s UI elements. There are a few exceptions to this feature, such as UI elements for scrying and lockpicking along with interactions with NPCs and objects, but the devs at ZeniMax Online Studios plan to expand upon this feature in later updates.

As for QoL, the update will let players elect to hide their character’s shoulder items through an upcoming cosmetic collectible that works similarly to the hide helm collectible. This new item will be available for purchase with event tickets at the Impresario, both of which will incidentally become available in what reads like the return of the April Fools’ Day event.

Finally in the QoL bucket, there are a host of updates related to housing, including new filters for certain housing editor’s tabs, the upcoming ability to reset training dummies, and a full list of furnishings when purchasing a house. These are on top of updates to target markers, a realignment of daily and weekly reset timers, and other pieces that aren’t listed. Still, there are quite a few things on the list when Update 37 goes live on March 13th for PC/Mac and March 28th for consoles.

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