Final Fantasy XIV is delivering patch 6.4, The Dark Throne, in late May


There’s no ambiguity about the next trial for Final Fantasy XIV – in patch 6.4, The Dark Throne, players will be kicking the heck out of Golbez. It makes sense, he’s been playing a villain for the past few patches, but he just lacks the traits we really look for in a long-term villain for this game’s storytelling. Like simmering implied romantic tension, that’s a big one. He’s nice and dangerous and all, sure, but does anyone really want to potentially fight-date him?

Don’t answer that.

Obviously, there’s a lot more coming with the next patch; aside from the inclusion of a new dungeon and the final part of Pandæmonium (with Savage released a week after normal), there’s plenty more for players to love. Want to create your own personal Scholar glamour for your fairy, including using a carbuncle to heal? Want to place furnishings on your expanded Island Sanctuary home? Want to explore a new Criterion dungeon? All this and more is due with the patch when it arrives at some point in late May; until then, keep your eyes peeled for more information as the launch approaches. You can also check out the full summary of the latest Live Letter to recap everything known at this time.

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