Blizzard says Diablo IV’s story is the ‘darkest ever told in a Diablo game’


Here’s a little-known fact about ARPGs: Sometimes they have a story. It’s true! In between all of your frantic clicking and loot exploitation, there are these cutscenes that you immediately exit to get back to the clicking and looting. But for those slow down to smell the blood roses, there’s a narrative to be had.

Such is the case for next month’s Diablo IV, which takes the bleak saga of Sanctuary to its next chapter. In a new developer video, the team discusses how this tale is the “darkest ever told in a Diablo game.”

Diablo IV is set 50 years after Diablo III, where humanity is caught in a new battle between the “High Heavens” and “Burning Hells.” There will be an expansive cast of fresh characters (and a couple returning ones) with “apocalyptic events” unfolding.

Source: YouTube
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