Final Fantasy XIV posts the preliminary patch notes for The Dark Throne

Well, you'll go bananas... ON THE MOON!

The Dark Throne is so close you can almost taste the throne. Which is weird; you shouldn’t be tasting thrones unless your name is Sir Trab Duncan Forthright, the Throne Devourer. (If you’re reading this, thank you for your service, Sir Trab.) But Final Fantasy XIV players just have a couple more days to wait, and they can whet their appetites with the preliminary patch notes that are now available for the next major update.

As is tradition, several details are omitted from the preliminary patch notes, such as the exact new crafting recipes being added and some balance changes. But you can get a sense of how long the new MSQ will be, the systems required to advance your Island Sanctuary rank even further, and how roulettes will be changing. Check out the patch notes to get yourself even more hyped up before sitting and vibrating excitedly for the remaining three days.

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