Diablo IV’s head start launches this evening – Blizz warns it might be ‘a little bumpy’


A little over 11 years after the release of Diablo III, this is the day that Diablo IV hath wrought… for pricey edition pre-orders, that is. The global head start for the long-awaited newest entry in Blizzard’s flagship ARPG franchise begins tonight at 7:00 p.m. EDT for players who purchased the digital deluxe or ultimate edition of the game.

All standard edition orders, however, will have to wait until next Monday evening to dip into the blood-soaked world of Sanctuary. No matter what edition you have, you can pre-load it to cut down on the waiting time for when the launch time comes around.

Diablo General Manager Rod Fergusson admitted that the rollout of Diablo IV may be “a little bumpy” but that Blizzard has great hopes that the ARPG will prove to be “the re-emergence of the franchise.”

And while the game’s been racking up strong pre-release reviews, the community is less enchanted with some of the prices and offerings in the cash shop (such as a $28 outfit).

To whet your appetite for the slaughter (and lore) to come, here’s the final episode of Diablo IV’s “Book of Lorath” to enjoy:

And the company is teasing a collab with Halsey and BTS-Suga.

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