World of Warcraft is off to the dragon rider races with its Kalimdor Cup event


Dragon riders, start your… lizards? Not engines; the dragons of World of Warcraft don’t have engines. Regardless of how players motivate their dragons to fly fast, the need for speed is on with the dragon rider races of the Kalimdor Cup event.

From now until August 28th, players can head to Valdrakken and take on one of 16 different time trial races across Kalimdor that come in normal, advanced, and reverse variations. Clearing these races will grant an event currency that can be spent on a variety of new rewards such as new dragon customization items, a Drake Racer’s transmog set, and the ability to repeatedly purchase an item that grants reputation with the Valdrakken Accord, on top of achievements for flying fast.

Players who are looking for more granular details can look at an event overview on Wowhead, or they can just head on down to the appointed location and kickstart their dragon’s heart.

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