Guild Wars 2 kicks off Fractal Rush event through September 19 with today’s update


Today’s Guild Wars 2 patch isn’t going to dazzle anyone already preoccupied with Secrets of the Obscure, but it’s a nice addition all the same, headlined by the return of the Fractal Rush bonus event.

“To promote Tyria’s hottest historical-simulation getaway, your friends at the Consortium are sweetening the deal with extra loot and achievements for just one week,” ArenaNet says in the patch notes. “You’ll find Fractal Rush trophies in your favorite fractals’ final reward chests at any difficulty level; these will automatically progress the Fractal Rush Champion achievement. Complete Fractal Rush Champion tiers to earn various useful items and currencies for your fractal journey! To get started, speak with Assistant Subdirector Rannu in Lion’s Arch to learn more about the event. Fractal Rush will be available for one week and end on September 19.”

We spy a sizable list of bug fixes in the notes as well, in addition to new travel options in Skywatch, new dialogue, and several very welcome crafting UI upgrades.

Source: Patch notes
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