Warhaven outlines gameplay tweaks, world pass, and new game mode ahead of September 20 early access


We’ve been keeping an eye on the medieval fantasy team-based brawler Warhaven for a little while, but now the game has started making an even bigger splash recently, as the game has been kicking out videos, dev blogs, and announcements as it marches towards an early access release.

We’ll begin with that early access launch, which now has a calendar date of Wednesday, September 20th – a day earlier than its September 21st date announced at Gamescom.

Since the game’s June Steam Next Fest demo, developer Nexon has been cranking out dev posts that break down several updates and adjustments being made as early access nears. Some of the notable tweaks include the return of ally collisions, tweaks to incarnation frequency, a reduction of team sizes from 16v16 to 12v12 and 6v6, and a host of quality-of-life tweaks.

Nexon has also confirmed that early access will have five maps and five game modes on offer. One of the new game modes is Reclamation, a 6v6 capture the flag mode involving bringing divine stones from the middle of a battle map to a friendly base. The devs have offered a look at how this mode works in a video.

Most recently, Warhaven has talked up its world pass, describing it as “a combination battle pass and Conquest game mode” where players earn battle memories from playing matches, then use that currency to explore a world map to claim rewards and claim territory. This world pass map splits 10,000 players into one of four factions in a bid to hold territory, and the more territory a faction holds, the more weekly quests players can chase.

sources: Steam (1, 2), YouTube
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