World of Warcraft previews the mechanics and rewards of upcoming Emerald Dream events

Leafy bits.

If you’re excited to head to the Emerald Dream in World of Warcraft but aren’t excited to have a whole lot of growing stuff surrounding you at the time… well, what are you doing? Seriously, why are you here? The main public event for the area will be the Superbloom event, but there are plenty of other events that are also all based around the central idea of planting things and watching them grow while rebuffing critters and other impediments to their growth. It’s the Emerald Dream; you know this was going to be the order of the day.

Of course, you don’t have to participate just because you have a deep and abiding love for botany; players will be able to get cosmetic armor sets for all four armor types, pets, mounts, and even drake customizations from taking part. Help grow some more plants in the otherwise clearly plant-starved Emerald Dream, get some cosmetics. That seems like a fair exchange.

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