Final Fantasy XIV posts full Tokyo Fan Festival schedule as the latest lorebook begins shipping

Looks nice enough.

There’s not that much more time until Final Fantasy XIV hosts the last of its fan festivals ahead of Dawntrail, and you know it’s real because we’ve even got a schedule of the events that are going down. We note for our readers that the times listed are for an event happening in Japan, so you will need to convert your time zone; according to the official countdown clock, for example, the event starts on the evening of January 6th for audiences in the United States. Please convert your time zones safely.

You can also purchase live streams of the concerts happening in Japan if you’re willing to jump through a few hoops, and you can buy the game’s third handsome lore book as well. Pre-orders have begun shipping and there are more in stock, complete with an in-game minion as a reward and the simple ecstasy of owning a full compendium of the game’s rich lore. What more could you ask for? More expansion information? You’ll get that soon. Cool your jets.

Source: Official Site (1, 2, 3); thanks to Vincent for the tip!
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