Tencent recaps plan for Tarisland’s game performance, combat hit feel, and fishing


Tencent is continuing onward with its plan to outline all of its pre-launch changes for Tarisland in the lead up to its next technical test. Thus far, the devs have talked about their focus on daily experience, class balance, the energy system, and raid optimization; today, they’re addressing player concerns about optimization for basic and peripheral gameplay.

“Our top priority is to improve performance optimization,” Tencent says. “We will focus on enhancing overall game performance, reducing power consumption, continuously fine-tuning adaptability and compatibility, and addressing any issues specific to different device models that are identified during the playtest. In the meantime, we will significantly improve the performance of the storyline animations and effects on mobile devices without compromising the overall performance.”

Specifically, the team says it’s adding a kill sound effect, implemented 120 “tweaks and improvements for lowbie questing and accessibility, and is fixing combat hit feel.

“[R]egarding the issue of the unsatisfactory hit feel that everyone has mentioned, we’ve set up a special task force that includes action designers, animators, special effects experts, and sound engineers. They will be working on enhancing the combat hit feel from all angles, such as synchronizing the hits and improving the sound effects.”

A follow-up piece on peripheral systems suggests the team will make equipment empowerment inheritable by future gear, reduce the Manual of Destiny grind, ensure fishers always catch something, and make world boss fights multi-server. Still on the docket the “upcoming development plan.”

Source: Discord
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