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Not So Massively: Pagan Online’s launch addresses its biggest beta problems

A few months back, I offered my impressions of Pagan Online's early access build. I found it to be a fun online ARPG hampered...

Not So Massively: Jumping into Grim Dawn in 2019

Now that I'm helming Not So Massively, I feel a stronger compulsion to delve into games like ARPGs and shooters so that I can...

Co-op action RPG Killsquad is in early access and already topping Steam’s sale list

OARPG fans, it's been a good week for you, and it's gotten even better with the release of Killsquad. It's a co-op action RPG...

Not So Massively: Blizzard cancelled a(nother) game, and I couldn’t be happier

Recently news broke that Blizzard had cancelled an unannounced game that had been in development for several years. This was followed closely by some...

Hack and slash with a friend with Pagan Online’s two-player co-op

Most activities in MMOs are more fun with a friend, obviously, and the MMOARPG is most assuredly not an exception to that rule. With...

Thirteen-year-old ARPG Titan Quest dropped its third expansion, Atlantis, this week

It's not really that surprising when an old MMORPG releases an expansion, but it's not exactly common in the world of ARPGs, which is...

Modern-fantasy dungeon-crawler Breach enters early access tomorrow

After spending the last few months in alpha testing, multiplayer dungeon-crawler Breach is almost ready to make the leap to early access, allowing players...

Mythology and modernity collide in upcoming action-RPG Breach

In the world of QC Games's upcoming action-RPG Breach, there are two Earths: the one we know and love, and the mythological Earth, where...

The Stream Team: Tripping the Rifts with the Dauntless Riftstalker

A new monster has made its way to Dauntless. Part bat, part cat, part teleportation device, and part Halloween on four legs -- it's...

Dauntless dev Phoenix Labs leads financing round to secure ‘a couple years of runway’

Indie developer Phoenix Labs, creator of cooperative action MMO Dauntless, announced this week that it has secured substantial funding thanks to "a Series C...
Finding a handful of daunts.

Dauntless celebrates first birthday with The Middleman and matchmaking update

It's been a year now since Phoenix Labs's Monster-Hunter-inspired MMO Dauntless first commenced its closed beta testing. Now, as the game chugs along through...

One-month impressions of Monster Hunter World

It’s been just over a month now since Monster Hunter World launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, heralding a brand-new generation of Capcom’s...

Slay-to-win: Massively OP’s hands-on with the Dauntless closed beta

The end of September marked a major milestone for Dauntless, the upcoming monster-slaying action-MMORPG from indie developer Phoenix Labs, as it officially concluded its...

Retro-themed Kingdom of Loot goes into early access

Are you a sucker for pixel art and retro JRPGs? Then here's a nice little treat for you: Kingdom of Loot will launch tomorrow in early...

Exclusive Interview: Funcom on the Secret World Legends reboot and the end of updates for The Secret World

MJ sits down with Funcom to get more detailed answers on the Secret World Legends reboot -- and what it means for loyal fans of MMORPG The Secret World.

MyWorld empowers players create and link their own ARPG levels

If you are the sort that has ever looked at online game design and thought to yourself, "I could do so much better," then...

Medal Masters makes a bid for your attention with a large mobile update

If you zombie players can rip yourselves away from Pokémon Go for a few seconds, you might see that there are actually other mobile games...

Mu Legend wants to satisfy your ARPG cravings

Has Mu Legend grabbed your attention yet? This action-RPG has been in development since 2011 and is on the cusp of closed beta testing...

Pixelart OARPG Dragon of Legends launches on Kickstarter

Smed's not the only one launching a pixelart OARPG on Kickstarter today: Thrive Games has just revealed Dragon of Legends. Dragon of Legends is an...

Interview: Fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss is working on Smed’s OARPG, Hero’s Song

Among the dream team John Smedley assembled for Hero's Song -- studio Pixelmage's new 2-D open-world ARPG -- is Patrick Rothfuss, an acclaimed fantasy author who rocketed to stardom...