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Tree of Savior preps for larger closed beta

Tree of Savior’s English beta is about to get even more intense, with a larger test being readied to launch sometime in October.

The second English CBT will run for a month and include both prior testers and an additional 5,000 players. This will effectively double the population from August’s initial beta. If you want to shoot for a key, the best advice we can give you is to register on the official site, as that is where the studio drew its testing pool last time around.

Wondering if Tree of Savior is for you? Check out a 10-minute gameplay video after the break to get a feel for the game’s crafting and adventuring.

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EverQuesting: EQII expansion Terrors of Thalumbra launches November 17th

It’s happening in less than two months: EverQuest II’s 12th expansion is releasing on Tuesday, November 17th. The dev team announced the date and title during a special reveal livestream, treating viewers to tours of the area and sneak peeks of items, and systems, races, and signature story line characters. Called Terrors of Thalumbra, this addition to Norrath adds a whole new area to Norrath for players to explore filled with new dungeons, new collections, and new gear and items. What there isn’t any of is new levels; the expansion does not increase the level cap. However, a lack of levels does not mean there aren’t new recipe books with items for crafters to ply their trade with. Thalumbra-themed building elements (they are fancier than the standard building blocks) and furniture are part of the new offerings available to make.

For players excited to move into a whole new land to explore, the news that the expansion’s standard edition is priced  cheaper than usual compared to previous one will be a pleasant surprise. On the other hand, those who want to collect all the special goodies involved in collectors editions might experience a bit of sticker shock. The standard edition is $34.99 and the collectors is $89.99. This time around, Daybreak is also including a third tier, dubbed the premium edition. This one, retailing for $139.99 adds even more trinkets and doodads to the pot for those who really must have it all. Here’s a quick look at what is included if you nab yourself a copy of ToT.

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Dofus announces tablet version coming ‘very soon’

A mobile version of Ankama’s MMO called Dofus Touch is about ready to start closed beta testing in France.

Dofus Touch is a specially designed version of Dofus that will not be cross-compatible with the PC edition. It will launch with the 2.14 update (which puts it behind the PC version), will not have a subscription, and be available on both iPad and Android tablets. The new game even has its own site.

You can check out Dofus Touch’s trailer after the jump.

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Massively OP’s first impressions of Devilian

Call my stance on Trion World’s upcoming Devilian “oh-so-cautiously interested.”

Personally, I think Trion invited more grief than it wanted with the importation of ArcheAge to its portfolio, and with many MMO players still stinging from the disappointments that ensued with that title, I almost cringed when I heard that Trion was bringing in yet another game from Korea.

Almost cringed. Because for some ArcheAge is a blast, and even failures can benefit the future. Also, why shouldn’t an MMO studio be scouting good games wherever it can get them? So I attempted to shoulder off any meta bias in favor of approaching my first few days in Devilian’s alpha program, discovering for myself a game that’s a mixed bag in its present state — yet compulsively consumable even so.

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Camelot Unchained’s newsletter looks at the state of the build and more

Camelot Unchained’s 14th newsletter has been sighted in the wild. It says that there will be a beta-focused livestream on Friday, October 2nd, followed by a backer Q&A session. It also sums up all of September’s news and introduces new programmers Marc Hernandez and George Davison.

Additional topics include a look at iterative design, a look at the art department’s progress on human models and armor, and a state of the build update from Brian “Psychochild” Green.

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WoW Factor: A wishlist for World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion

We’re going to find out a lot about World of Warcraft: Legion in November. Not just because I expect that’ll be around the time we get our beta announcement and date, which may even be as soon as BlizzCon ends; we’ll just be told a lot while we’re there. We’re going to just be learning a lot of design goals and ideas from the panels and what-not whilst we’re there. And that, I think, is a good thing. It’s so something we already need, but you know, I already wrote that column.

So I have a little more than a month before I find out all of the things I want that I’m not getting. And while I’ve spent the past several weeks listing some of the things that I’m looking forward to seeing from the game’s next expansion as examinations of larger topics, let’s talk a little bit about the stuff that I’d really like to see from the expansion that I’m also not expecting to actually see happen.

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Guild Wars 2 enhances its squad UI, preps for Halloween

ArenaNet recently unveiled its enhanced squad UI for Guild Wars 2. It’s designed to help players organize their friends, guildmates, and other large groups of players in all areas of the game.

Players with commander tags can create squads of up to 50 fellows and 15 subgroups, the latter of which can be organized via click-and-drag and broadcasted to either individually or as part of the whole squad. There’s more, and you can read about it on the GW2 website via the link below. ArenaNet says that the UI will debut in the third beta weekend event that begins on October 2nd.

In other GW2 news, the Halloween festival is in the works.

Source: UI, Halloween; via: Dulfy


Black Desert’s Russian beta starts October 12

Can you read Russian? Me neither, but I can read Reddit as well as the big date on the top of Black Desert’s Russian website. Apparently the fantasy title is kicking off its Russian open beta on October 12th. I’m not sure what that means for the North American or European beta, if anything.

So far, neither developer Pearl Abyss nor publisher Daum has updated its “before the end of 2015” stance on the Western beta that was stated earlier this year.

Source: Reddit


Here’s a look at the Ranger in Bless’ beta

The final Korean beta test for Bless is officially over, and Steparu has published his final look at the game. He takes the Ranger for a test drive, and he notes that changing factions made the game feel quite different in terms of new areas, new monsters, and new dungeons, not to mention a new set of main story missions.

Combat gets a thumbs-down, as do the dead server populations, which could be a red flag for a new MMO in open beta. Steparu recommends the game nonetheless, saying that the world is worth exploring. Click past the cut to see his Ranger gameplay in action.

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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen gets investors, development is continuing

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen missed out on its Kickstarter goals, but that wasn’t the end of the road. Visionary Realms, after an extended trip through volunteer development and a dearth of funding, has raised a seed round to finance further development of the game. No exact numbers have been disclosed, but it’s enough for the game to keep moving forward with development, although further funding will likely be necessary for the game to reach release.

The game is apparently slated for a pre-alpha test later this year and beta testing sometime in 2016. It’s good news for Brad McQuaid and anyone else who was afraid that the game’s failure at crowdfunding would spell the end of the idea, although there’s still a long road between funding and public access.

Source: VentureBeat; thanks to Dethroned for the tip!


Ever, Jane holds off on its beta launch

The austere Ever, Jane updated to Release 1.9 over this past weekend while keeping the title in alpha testing for a while longer. “We thought that, as we had completed all the major features of the game, we would be ready to launch our beta version by the end of September,” 3 Turn Productions posted. “We were wrong!”

Release 1.9 completely revised the tutorial, made graphical improvements for player characters, and disabled balls for the time being. The team is aiming for a closed beta transition in October that will include “massive amounts of art.”

The new patch is causing some problems for players who log in with old characters, so the developer is asking the community to play only with new avatars. You can read up on 1.9’s patch notes and download the alpha to play if so inclined.


One Shots: Threat Level Midnight

Even in the far future, Starfleet officers still pose for a selfie or two. How could they not when they encounter such striking backdrops?

“This is a shot from Star Trek Online’s new featured episode ‘Midnight’ where players go back in time 200,000 years in the past to visit Iconia, the home world of the galaxy’s (current) biggest enemy,” explains Cookiecupcakes of Priority One Podcast. “The Iconians at that time were peaceful, intelligent, and a lot more likable than they are in the present, so it’s kind of difficult to kill them all off (which was supposed to be the original mission, but I didn’t end up doing it because I fell in love with them! They are so cute!) Anyways, this is my toon @cookiecupcakes exploring the amazingly beautiful Iconian home world before it was destroyed.”

Anyone miss the days when it was just the Klingons that struck fear into our hearts?

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Albion upgrades its private islands, talks map-making

Albion Online released a couple of dev updates this week. The first focused on private islands, and more specifically, how you can upgrade the number of plots which gives you additional decoration, building, and farming options. During November’s closed beta test, Sandbox Interactive will introduce laborers, which are basically NPC gatherers for hire.

Also this week, we got a glimpse into the developers’ map-making process, from landscape design to fleshing out the world including NPCs, resource nodes, and more.



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