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Betawatch: At last, Dragonflight enters its alpha test

At long last, World of Warcraft players don't need to continue the testless nightmare that has been waiting for Dragonflight's alpha test because it...

Fractured Online’s latest beta update revamps city-conquering and loyalty mechanics

Gamigo-published, Dynamight-developed sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online has a new patch out for testers participating in the always-online summer beta. Conquests are the name of...

Fractured Online details the mechanics and rewards of guild vs. guild seasons

Ah yes, the guild vs. guild competitive scene. It's something of an expected and routine feature of PvP sandbox MMORPGs, and the in-development Fractured...

Fractured Online balances buffs and bolsters bosses in latest beta patch

Dynamight's Fractured Online continues to plug along in closed beta this summer, and it's pushed out yet another patch for testers as of today....

Fractured revamps Aerhen, magic staves, and city raids in today’s CBT update

Dynamight Studios is continuing to pump new and renovated content into Fractured Online as the closed beta pushes forward. Today's release for testers is...

Wanna try Fractured Online’s closed beta? We’ve got keys!

If you've had your eye on Dynamight Studios' upcoming sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online but didn't want to shell out for a preorder package to...

Fractured Online’s closed beta just got a major chat upgrade

Fractured Online is continuing along in its always-on closed beta with a fresh patch after maintenance today. At the heart of this update is......

MGI & Gamigo Q1 2022: Atlas Rogues is dead

I'm sorry to report this morning that Gamigo is sunsetting Atlas Rogues. The news came on Memorial Day when nobody in the US was...

Fractured Online kicks off a free play week with recruitment rewards

Gamigo hopes that you don't have big plans this week because the fantasy world of Fractured Online awaits. Yesterday, the company kicked off a...

Fractured Online opens its beta up to all comers over Memorial Day weekend

If you've been keeping an eye on Fractured as it marches through beta but didn't actually want to, you know, pay for the game...

Fractured’s latest beta update adds crafting fees and city taxes – sorry

Fractured Online is still in the midst of its no-end-date always-on closed beta test, and yesterday, it paused that beta event briefly in the...

Bring an umbrella to Fractured’s beta – the weather system patch is live

Live in Fractured Online's always-on closed beta as of today is the promised weather system, which Dynamight Studios says will integrate with the existing...

Gamigo’s parent company just bought another studio a month after MMO dev layoffs

Gamigo's parent company is continuing to buy up companies while laying off workers on Gamigo's MMORPGs: Media and Games Invest announced yesterday that it's bought...

Gamigo has actually updated the Glyph launcher for RIFT, Trove, and Fractured

Well file this one under things we didn't see coming even a little bit: Gamigo has actually overhauled Glyph, the original Trion launcher that...

You can set yourself on fire to get around Fractured’s new temperature mechanics

MMOs with diurnal cycles - day and night phases - are a dime a dozen. But MMOs where those phases actually matter to gameplay?...

Fractured Online’s beta exploiter ban incites discussion on testing and bad actors

At what point does a player's actions in a beta test go beyond the scope of testing and into bannable offense territory? That's the...

Fractured Online lays out its 2022 roadmap and plans ahead of launch

With Fractured Online's indefinite closed beta underway, developer Dynamight has released a new roadmap that should take testers and backers all the way through...

SpatialOS developer Improbable announces a ‘network of interoperable web3 metaverses’ called M²

Remember back in January when SpatialOS developer Improbable released a poll that asserted that a large number of gamers and game devs believed a...

Interview: Scoping out Fractured Online’s closed beta content and update plans

By the time you're reading this, Fractured Online has already begun its closed beta phase, but before then I was granted the opportunity to...

Fractured’s closed beta begins April 6 amid Gamigo’s corporate chaos

Never mind that this information was supposed to land last week; it's here now. It's the news that Fractured Online's beta is rolling out...