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The MOP Up: SWG rogue server Empire in Flames celebrates five years

Star Wars Galaxies: Empire in Flames rogue server celebrated its fifth anniversary this past week. "Since the doors opened on May 4th 2017, EiF...

Arrrrrrr you ready to get murdered by pirates in Elder Scrolls Online High Isles

We're just a bare few weeks away from the launch's of this year's defining Elder Scrolls Online chapter, High Isle, and ZeniMax Online Studios...

Lord of the Rings actor Billy Boyd joins The Elder Scrolls Online cast for High Isle

Iconic actor Billy Boyd is slated to join the cast of The Elder Scrolls Online in the upcoming High Isle chapter. Boyd is a...

Elder Scrolls Online deep-dives High Isle’s CCG as the NA server hardware swap appears to lessen PvP lag

Care to play a card game in The Elder Scrolls Online? Then you'll want to look over the latest post from the game that's...

The Stream Team: Ascending Doubt with The Elder Scroll’s Online’s High Isle prelude quests

Before The Elder Scrolls Online heads into the upcoming High Isles chapter, there's the High Isles prelude questline to introduce players to the upcoming...

The Elder Scrolls Online introduces players to the High Isle chapter’s philanthropic Society of the Steadfast

Sure, fighting a war in the fiction of The Elder Scrolls Online can be fun from a gameplay standpoint, but the game's lore is...

The Elder Scrolls Online previews the literal and political landscapes of High Isle’s Systres Archipelago

Players of Elder Scrolls Online are headed to a land that's completely new to the series' overall fiction when the High Isle chapter arrives...

Tamriel Infinium: A look back at Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackwood

Now that we're firmly entrenched in the year of High Isle and the legacy of the Bretons, it almost seems archaic to jump back...
A new road has begun.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 369: FFXIV’s new adventure

Justin and Bree discuss FFXIV 6.1 and housing issues, Elder Scrolls Online High Isle, RIFT's update, DDO's cat people, and Richard Garriott's NFT project, with adventures in LOTRO, ESO, DDO, No Man's Sky, and SWG Legends, plus a mailbag topic on FFXIV's adventure plates.

Elder Scrolls Online begins testing High Isle chapter prior to its June release

While we're still over a month away from the launch of Elder Scrolls Online's newest expansion, curious Kajiit and crafty Orcs can get a...

Elder Scrolls Online just revealed much more about its June 6 High Isle chapter

As promised, ZeniMax Online Studios dropped a ton of information about The Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming High Isle chapter during its preview stream this...

The Elder Scrolls Online addresses login congestion issues and fixes two-factor authentication

Are you experiencing problems with logging in, long load screens, or traders not updating in Elder Scrolls Online? You're most certainly not alone, as...

Elder Scrolls Online lays out summer roadmap to High Isle, begins free-play event with prologue quest

Tomorrow, ZeniMax Online Studios is going to open the information floodgates for Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle during its preview stream. But hey, you...

The Elder Scrolls Online will make the Morrowind DLC free for every owner of the game

Do you own some form of The Elder Scrolls Online and somehow didn't pick up the Morrowind DLC (aka one of the superior ways...

Elder Scrolls Online’s eighth anniversary brings out bonuses, High Isle preview

The other day on the podcast, we were noting that Elder Scrolls Online turning eight this week seems downright young compared to some of...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackwood score

While last year's Blackwood expansion to Elder Scrolls Online will be remembered most for its companion system than its fairly drab zone or half-hearted...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Ascending Tide DLC is live on PC today

Elder Scrolls Online is dropping its first big DLC of the year today with the release of The Ascending Tide DLC on PC, Mac,...

Elder Scrolls Online’s 2022 roadmap page keeps track of all of the big developments

Getting a good MMO development roadmap is like having a portal into the future. And considering that Elder Scrolls Online players are embarking on...

Elder Scrolls Online lists five ways you can get ready for High Isle’s dungeon DLC

Is it weird that I keep wanting to write "High Tide" instead of High Isle for Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming expansion? I have a...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 358: High Isle thing, you make my heart sing

Justin and Bree discuss Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle, Blizzard's new survival game, Global Agenda's return from the dead, PlanetSide 2's Oshur, Broken Ranks, Mortal Online 2, Zenith, and Swords of Legends Online's F2P switch, with adventures in LOTRO and ESO, plus mailbag topics on MMO lingo and The Black Death.