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RIFT reruns the Unicornalia event over the weekend, sure why not

The bafflement of RIFT continuing to twitch enough to not be presumed entirely dead continues, as the MMORPG has seen another of its events...

Gamigo’s RIFT celebrates Steam’s 20th birthday with free subs, mounts, and boosts

If you've been on Steam since the early days, you're celebrating a 20th anniversary alongside Valve this week, and some games are jumping in...

Fractured Online vows to be back on Steam soon, posts early access roadmap

At the beginning of 2023, Fractured Online raised gamer eyebrows with the news that it would be taking the rare step of leaving Steam's...

Whatever happened to the re-released MMO Eden Eternal?

Back in the beginning of May, we covered the re-release of Eden Eternal, an MMORPG that was axed by Gamigo in 2021 and then...

Kakao is effectively sunsetting ArcheAge Unchained, merging it into two remaining western ArcheAge servers

The age of ArcheAge Unchained is over: Kakao and XLGAMES have apparently decided to merge the Unchained servers back into the regular ArcheAge production...
It's fine. This is fine.

RIFT appoints yet another community manager following previous departures

The revolving door for RIFT's community managers is a source of slight amusement and never-ending frustration for the MMO's beleaguered community. In 2022 alone,...

Kickstarted sandbox Fractured Online unrolls massive balancing and movement patch

As Dynamight Studios' post-Gamigo testing revamp of Fractured Online continues, the team is adjusting the game on the fly based on player feedback. "The Server...

Kakao partially denies report that ArcheAge will sunset following XLGAMES restructure

Korea's Money Today News has a disturbing scoop on turmoil at XLGAMES that appears to mean layoffs inside the studio - and a closure...

The MOP Up: Gamescom and QuakeCon prepare to storm August

As the end of summer approaches (ack! how?), gaming conventions rev up again - and that includes big industry galas like GamesCom and in-house...

Fractured’s PvP-centered server war relaunch pretest has begun and runs through July 30

As promised, the indie team at Dynamight Studios has officially begun Fractured's relaunch pretest as of today. This is expected to be the largest...

Trove PC adds community voting to Luxion loot, Fiesta Online celebrates three weeks of summertime

It's a two-for-one news headline for a pair of the MMOs that still remain in Gamigo's portfolio: The PC version of Trove has gotten...

Fractured Online plans a 12-day server war PvE and PvP stress test starting July 19

As Dynamight Studios continues its testing of the post-Gamigo sandbox MMORPG Fractured, it's been offering up special events to entice players to stress the...

Hyperspace Beacon: Why SWTOR’s move to Broadsword has brought me back to the game

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a special game to me. Like many of you, I've poured hundreds of hours into BioWare's expansive MMO...
Why Is Trion Like This, Just Kidding, We Actually Know

RIFT hands out a week of patron access for last week’s server downtime

Despite Summerfest attempting to bring some warmth to the lands of RIFT this month, a chilly pall persists over the game due to a...

Gamigo’s RIFT kicks off Summerfest as players await outage compensation

So we really have no idea what Gamigo is up to with RIFT, but there's a silver lining to whatever it is: The company...

Fractured Online’s is free-to-play over five days this weekend for a load test

Having spirited Fractured away from Gamigo and brought it back online for backers, Dynamight Studios is plotting a "relaunch pretest" to stress the new...

After half a year offline, Fractured’s early access is finally relaunching today

Putting its year-long stint under the Gamigo banner (and the associated corporate drama) fully behind it, Dynamight Studios has finally gotten its homebrew, Kickstarted...

Gamigo’s RIFT was down for two days and understandably freaked everyone out

A standard server restart this past Tuesday turned into a morass of confusion and consternation as RIFT went offline in North America and stayed...

RIFT’s hellbug invasion from Defiance returns with a bounty of rewards

Yes, we're still quite curious what Gamigo's intentions for Trion Worlds' cast-off RIFT may be, but in the meanwhile, we don't begrudge the MMO...

Post-Gamigo Fractured, back home with Dynamight, is finally reopening testing June 22

It appears the long-running Fractured drama might truly be over as Dynamight Studios is getting back to its test plans. Readers will recall that Fractured...