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Swords of Legends Online drops first raid, Xuanjiu Jade Palace, tomorrowday

Swords of Legends Online is hoping to pique your interest with its first big raid: Xuanjiu Jade Palace. It's a 10-to-20-player dungeon. "In the...

One Shots: A story in a single picture

I've always had a great fondness for when video games can tell a quick story without words but rather with objects placed in such...

Swords of Legends Online launches a summer event and battle pass, previews its first raid in a livestream

The summer season has officially arrived to Swords of Legends Online, bringing along some new activities and a new battle pass full of cosmetics....

One Shots: A back warmer for cramps

When you're rocking some bad back pain or a spite of cramps, it certainly helps to have something warm to rest against. Loosens up...
Easy sell.

Swords of Legends Online touts 200K units sold as Gameforge insists NA server can handle player load

As we noted previously, the NA server of Swords of Legends Online had something of a rough start as the MMORPG launched here in...
Eat it, eat it, put it in your mouth and eat it.

Massively Overthinking: The curious cycle of MMO refunds, tutorials, and reviews

MOP reader Steve recently posed us an intriguing question about the state of tutorials in MMOs and other games - and how those tutorials'...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 330: Swords of Crows Online

Justin and Bree discuss the launches of Crowfall and Swords of Legends Online, Fallout 76, WoW's story mess, and Elite Dangerous, with adventures in Albion Online, LOTRO, SWG Legends, Crowfall, WoW Classic, and FFXIV, plus a quick mailbag topic on Albion crafting.

Swords of Legends Online’s NA server runs into some technical issues during launch

This past Friday saw Swords of Legends Online arrive to our side of the world, but as is the way of pretty much all...

Four Winds: MassivelyOP’s guide to getting started in Swords of Legends Online

It's a strange trend whenever new MMOs launch that there's a deluge of tutorial videos on a bunch of topics but a shortage of...

Swords of Legends has officially launched today – and it’s already spun up a new server

It came all but out of nowhere this spring, and now it's live in the west: Gameforge's AAA MMORPG import Swords of Legends Online...

Swords of Legends Online shares a launch trailer and video snippets of post-launch roadmap and battle pass previews

Did you happen to miss out on the pre-launch livestream from Swords of Legends Online? Then you can read our synopsis for the details....

Guild Wars 2 brings back the Twisted Marionette next week, teases End of Dragons voice actor

Way back in April, ArenaNet dropped its summer 2021 roadmap for Guild Wars 2, and among the planned updates was the return of the...

Swords of Legends Online’s AMA addresses monetization, content, and name reservation SNAFU

At the tail end of June, Swords of Legends Online threw out a whole bunch of event dates including a livestream and an AMA,...

Swords of Legends Online’s name reservation dissolves into chaos

On Friday, Swords of Legends Online opened the doors to its name reservations. And just like Jurassic Park's initial tour, this event dissolved into...

Swords of Legends Online reveals post-launch roadmap and battle pass systems

If you missed Gameforge's Swords of Legends Online stream last night, you missed some big announcements that are appeasing the game's fledgling community, including...
It has a sense of humor!

Swords of Legends Online puts out a trailer for its minigames

Did you know that Swords of Legends Online has minigames? Because it totally does, including what apparently is just Bomberman for those of you...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 328: SOLO? YOLO!

Justin and Bree discuss Aion Classic's messy launch, SOLO's launch date, LOTRO's legendary servers, and Anarchy Online's 10th birthday, with adventures in WoW Classic, FFXIV, and Albion Online, plus a mailbag topic on zombie MMOs. (Not real zombies.)

Swords of Legends Online posts preload and name-claim schedule ahead of July 9 launch

As the xianxia action MMORPG Swords of Legends Online inches ever closer to its July 9th PC release date, those who have pre-ordered the...

Swords of Legends Online offers a list of social features to help players come together

Obviously, MMORPGs are better with friends, and while Swords of Legends Online has its fair share of solo-focused themepark questing, there are also a...

One Shots: Skimming the surface

It's great to see some very pretty pictures trickle in from Swords of Legends Online, but that's not going to stop my eye from...