TERA’s Fang and Feather update goes live today

Despite the name, TERA’s most recent update doesn’t feature an overwhelming quantity of fangs or feathers. Both of them are doubtlessly involved, but that seems more decorative than anything. It’s a more memorable update title than “Class revamps, big raid, and other stuff,” though, so perhaps this is just nitpicking. Not that Archer players will much care, as they’ve got a big overhaul to the class and a new set of mechanics to learn even as they take on the new 30-person raid, Harrowhold.

If you don’t play an Archer and aren’t heading to Harrowhold, there’s still stuff for you in the update; the Dreamstorm is returning in Northern Arun for level 65 players, and Guild vs. Guild battles are firing back up across the world. You can check out some screenshots and the launch trailer just below, or check out the full list of patch changes if you’re so inclined.

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