WildStar outlines pets and wardrobe mechanics

All right, the Lopp have some chops here too.

Have you longed for a Rowsdower companion of your very own as you venture about in WildStar? Did you hate the game’s costume system with a passion? Do you just like anything that lets you customize your character more extensively? All three needs are getting addressed in the game’s next major patch, and a new development post on the patch outlines how the minipets will work as well as how the new holo-wardrobe will function.

The patch contains 54 companion pets obtained through a variety of means, from vendors to random drops. Like most games with non-combat pets, WildStar offers no benefit from having your pet at your side, but you can summon it anywhere. The holo-wardrobe, meanwhile, is closer to the system already used in Guild Wars 2, with account-wide appearance unlocks and a revised dye selection menu to make coloring your outfit easier and more intuitive. Take a look at all of the changes on the official post.

[Source: Customization: The Deep Dive]
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