Massively Opinionated: WoW vs. LOTRO vs. the banker


Welcome to Massively Opinionated, Massively Overpowered’s brand-new vidcast! We’ve all argued and bantered with guildmates and forumgoers over which MMO character is the most powerful or why sub-to-play is better than free-to-play. In Massively Opinionated, we’ll funnel those debates into a fiery and fun video program featuring journalists, bloggers, and community members from around the MMORPG world.

The rules are simple: The arbitrator, Massively OP’s own Larry Everett, invites three internet personalities to the show, asking them four questions that they can research to formulate their arguments and bolster their positions as they try to hold their own during the debate. The most persuasive panelist for each topic will be awarded a point, and at the conclusion of the ‘cast, the panelist with the most points will reign supreme!

This week’s panelists, debating topics that revolve around what makes MMOs special, are Mike Byrne from MMOBomb, Richie Procopio aka Bog Otter, and our very own Tina Lauro. Enjoy!

Larry Everett
Twitter: Shaddoe
Blog: Hyperspace Beacon

Mike Byrne
Twitter: Magickmann1
Site: MMOBomb

Richie Procopio
Twitter: RichieProcopio
YouTube: Bog Otter
Patreon: Bog Otter

Tina Lauro
Twitter: PurpleTinaBeans
Site: PredestinationGame

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