H1Z1 postpones roadmap plans to focus on cleanup

We are coming undone

Sometimes you just have to stop moving forward and take a little time to get things cleaned up. The team working behind the scenes on H1Z1 has been pushing forward with gusto, trying to get as many new features packed into the game as possible, but the reality is that over time the game has gotten a little messy. Core gameplay issues have accumulated, bugs need fixing, and so forth. So the developers have stated on the game’s Reddit feed that they’re taking some time to do just that.

The important point is that the developers aren’t going dark; they’re just focused on trimming up existing elements rather than adding new parts to the game for a little while. Changes will still be getting pushed to the test server and then, if all goes well, to the live server shortly thereafter. It does mean tasks will be bumped from the most recent roadmap, but when the exchange means a less buggy and more polished overall game, it seems a worthwhile trade.

Source: Reddit
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