Albion Online patches in more convenience and more undead


The January update for Albion Online really covers every conceivable base. It improves the quality of living for players adventuring through the world, and it improves the quantity of unliving monsters for players to adventure against. The former includes a UI tailored specifically to PC users with spell targeting indicators and updates to the game’s inventory system. Want to quick-repair items, sort them out, stack some of them in your bank and quickly equip the rest? You can do all of that now.

But what about the unliving monsters that shamble onward as mockeries of life? Yes, those are around indeed! The patch adds two new dungeon types, the Sunken Temple and the Crypt, complete with end-of-dungeon bosses like the Governor, the Necromancer, and the Harvester of Souls. So your life is even easier in Albion Online before you go putting it in jeopardy by fighting undead monsters. Everybody wins!

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