Shards Online gets ready for a big hype push in April


Next month Shards Online will stir from its deep development slumber and lurch out into the sunlight, either to terrorize neighboring villages or to jump-start the hype for this upcoming sandbox. Probably the latter.

In Shards Online’s March newsletter, the team announced that April will see the start of the game’s Steam Greenlight campaign, an “amazing” new game trailer, a vote for players’ favorite mods, and an NDA-free alpha preview event sometime in the middle of the month.

Fans won’t have to wait until then for all of the fun, however. A sizable update is coming on March 24th, bringing with it the first two levels of the Catacombs dungeon as well as the Outlands map. The team also talked about how it will be using the concept of parallel universes to eventually allow players to jump between rulesets via inter-dimensional gateways.

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Hey MOP you guys plan on running your own Shards server?