A new war is brewing in EVE Online

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Have you noticed that there seem to be fewer announcements of EVE Online‘s big space battles recently? The explanation is quite simple: There haven’t been many of late. With the alliance known as The Imperium in control of a huge sector of space, real territory conflict has stagnated for a couple of years, since no other single alliance was strong enough to challenge the group in charge. But that’s changed, with a number of elements making it newly possible for a newer group known as the Moneybadger Coalition to push back against the Imperium, carve up its territory, and break up the ruling body.

So what caused it? Essentially, the Imperium has grown more unstable and lost key members while also cutting itself off from some of the intelligence sources that would have warned of these attacks. CCP Games has also changed how Dominion mechanics work, allowing for guerilla-style fights that can have smaller ships win against capital opponents. The result has been a series of wins for the Moneybadger Coalition and a concentrated fallback by the Imperium, breaking up the state of power in the galaxy. With two years of peace to bolster the armaments of all participants, this could easily be the next big one.

Source: Reddit; thanks to Kieran for the tip!

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