Bless Online AMA gets all of the questions, has few answers to give


Those anticipating the arrival of Bless Online in the west are still coming to grips with the news that the game will be published by Aeria Games in North America and Europe. To mollify any concerns, the Aeria team assigned to Bless took to Reddit yesterday for an AMA about the incoming title.

Topics in the discussion included questions over pay-to-win, server strategies, comparisons to Trion Worlds’ handling of ArcheAge, censorship, localization differences, possible PvE worlds, the business model, and the starting roster of classes and races. However, if you are looking for concrete answers to most of these, you will come away disappointed. Many of these questions were met with variations on, “We don’t know as we just started working on the game. We’ll look into that and get back to you later.”

Alpha was announced to be starting “soon,” with beta coming months down the road.

At least the author was unabashedly enthusiastic about Bless’ potential: “This game is one of the greatest MMORPGs ever created. We will be running the game as a service and you, the community, will be the judge of our success. The game looks brilliant, many of the systems are well thought through and designed. I think it brings the potential to being a big hit but we will have to work really, really hard to deliver.”

The AMA didn’t appear to have the intended effect of getting the community excited, as players peppered Aeria with criticism and frustration over the responses given. Senior Product Lead Chris concluded the AMA by saying, “I am really sorry that some may feel as if this was a waste of time, it surely wasn’t for us, the Bless team. You raised very good points and these points will direct our attention to what matters to you.”

Source: Reddit. Cheers, Kinya!

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Dystopiq I’m in Canada. I get a 40 ping to most NA Servers. 90-100 ping to NA West coast. I think your you should be fine.


Looking at this article, I would have assumed that he barely answered anything. I’m glad I clicked on the reddit link. He went out of his way to do a lot of answering. He actually went into a lot of depth on many of them.


Bannex19 B2P from Aeria Games? Really? F2P from launch.


Bannex19 Sounds like every mmo to be honest lol


Silverlock HumanoidTyphoon SA doesn’t do as well as others regions, not a lot of money can be made there


They select their publishers by either none or these small time free to
play publishes.  Big time publishers have 0 interest in bringing these
korean games over.  They probably don’t even know about them. 
about it like the origins of malu needing funding.  They want these
companies to jump through all kinds of hoops to prove their worth and
then want all kinds of control and huge chunks of the profits.  And on
top of that the korean companies and chinese have way more customers and
they built the game so any change and control comes from them.  I mean
look at like kingdoms of amular mmo going bankrupt or apb being bought
for a mere 1 million dollars by gamersfirst, what the community calls a
bad company and releated to another one webzen.
“great publisher”s whoever you see them as cause I can’t think of any
notable mmo companies just never come to terms with these foreigner or
make any attempt.
If we did there’s tons of korean games coming
out all the time probably hundreds of them.  But you’ll never see them
and if you do it 3 years too late.  So even though I don’t know if this
game will have any fun gameplay that might last long i’m atleast happy
to have the opportunity to try it out with low ping to find out.  And
every game that comes over is just another opportunity for convincing
publishers to bring more over.


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Francis courant
Francis courant

It looks like Chris answered a whole lot of questions actually, even +15 questions from the same user.


HumanoidTyphoon You would think that someone in South America to would take this chance to start publishing these games there. There certainly seems to be an audience for them and decent ping rates should be a draw to.