EVE Online goes to the pirates in late June

The vaguely threatening capital blob!

The EVE Online update that’s launching on June 28th is bringing new capital ships into the mix, and they aren’t coming from the most welcome direction. The Serpentis Corporation, a notorious collection of pirates based in the Fountain region, will be deploying new capital ships, meaning a new Dreadnought, Carrier, and Titan-class hull rolling into production. Worse yet, the pirate faction will be fielding implants to improve its flight skills. Fortunately, the new Scope Network will allow capsuleers to take the fight back to the Serpentis in a coordinated effort.

This patch is all about rearranging events and giving players more incentive to take on this NPC faction, but there are other improvements in play as well. Players can look forward to lighting improvements and enhanced docking camera options, along with new iterations of Citadel expansion and the tactical overlay. You’ve got a couple of weeks left to wait, but plenty of things to enjoy once the update goes live. Mostly pirate-related things, of course.

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